About Therapy

Sometimes it can feel like an enormous step to reach out and ask for support. You will be met with warmth, empathy, respect and a heartfelt desire to hear, see and understand your story.

Perhaps you feel hurt, frightened, anxious, depressed, and find it hard to manage overwhelming emotions.

Relating to others may be difficult for you. Perhaps you would like support to understand or respond to challenging, threatening, or painful relationship.

Do you wish to explore your identity or issues with confidence and self-esteem?

Significant life changes can feel overwhelming.  You may feel lost or alone and need support to find your way again.

I also work with clients who have ADHD. Sometimes we just feel stuck or have a sense that something is not right. We may want to develop an understanding of what is meaningful to enable us to move with a sense of direction and purpose. We will work together with what you bring.  Regular reviews allow for changes in direction and to focus on what is present for you at the time.